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We are gardeners.

Before we answer your gardening questions, write the articles on this site, backup the servers where this site is stored, develop website code that makes this site come to life or even wake up each day to come to work, we are gardeners. We know how dirt feels between our fingers and how thrilling it can be to see your first seedling or blossom of the year appear or how good it tastes to bite into that very fresh fruit you just picked from your very own garden.

Before everything else, we are gardeners. And that is why we are so passionate about helping you with your garden.

How We Started

Gardening Know How started out 17 years ago as a small hobby site after one gardener, Heather Rhoades, noticed that there were not a lot of friendly, non-intimidating places on the internet for a gardener to go to get information. Certainly there were places to go for information, but sometimes the information was so technical and sometimes the people you asked for help from seemed to be looking down their noses at you. Heather thought it would be a good idea if there was a place where anyone could ask any gardening question and they would get a friendly, easy to understand answer. As she had over two decades of gardening experience (four decades now!), she thought that she could help make a place like that happen.

Heather’s hobby grew quickly. Answers to gardening questions became articles and more and more people came to visit the site looking for answers to the problems and questions they had about their plants. As the site grew, so did the number of people who helped Heather help other gardeners. And every person who writes articles or answers questions for Gardening Know How is a gardener with years of gardening experience.

To date, Gardening Know How has answered over 75,000 direct questions about gardening and over 160 million people come to visit the site every year. That is a lot of gardeners and gardens that have been helped by the friendly staff here at Gardening Know How. That makes us proud.

We Think Gardening Matters

And our love of gardening does not end there. We believe that farming and gardening is essential to a happy world. Through Kiva, we donate regularly to women in Africa who are trying to improve their world through growing things, be it a business or a garden. We volunteer our time to local organizations to teach others about the joys of gardening. We donate money to school and community gardens to allow them to build and sustain their own gardens.

We are gardeners. At the end of the day, when the computers shut down and the lights in our offices shut off, we go out to a garden and we grow things. Before and after anything we do on this site, we are gardeners – just like you.

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